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  • “The attendance at this year’s Airline Quality Rating event was the most we’ve had in a number of years, with about 10 TV cameras at the news conference.... We were extremely pleased with the turnout. It is a pleasure working with you and the Newswise staff. They are most helpful!more >>

    —Joe Kleinsasser, Wichita State University

  • “I do follow your regularly e-mailed announcements of press releases and, as a medial journalist, I find them of great value.  The announcements regularly lead me to items of interest, which I report on in our Pain-Topics News/Research UPDATES. more >>


  • “Release on cellphones and radiation exposure gains major news coverage.

    more >>

    —Environmental Health Trust

  • “Seven years later I still am getting coverage for a story on contaminated makeup counters that I pitched in 2004. At the time we had more than 100 hits around the globe, in places I never could have reached without spending weeks with directories, web searches and emails. Newswise enabled me to reach reporters and outlets I could only dream about: CNN and 20/20 covered the story, as did...more >>

    —Pat Quigley, Rowan University

  • “ I love the ease and convenience of scanning the Newswise digests. I can quickly find exactly what I need: the newest research studies....What's more, the neuroscientists I found from Newswise press releases took starring roles in my latest book, Brain Sense.more >>

    —Faith Byrnie, Book Author and Freelance Journalist

  • “I use it all the time.more >>

  • “Your service is great! more >>

  • “I sent out a request for expert input through Newswise and got a very impressive response from a wide spectrum of experts who offered themselves as expert interview subjects.... I think it's a great enhancement to any reporter's search for sources and information. more >>

    —Freelance Reporter

  • “I definitely find Newswise valuable and use it quite often to search for studies or find experts. more >>

    —Freelance Reporter

  • “Newswise is one of my absolute favorite vehicles for getting media attention. It is so user-friendly to enter (and edit) stuff; you all are incredibly helpful; the format of Newswise looks professional; and it clearly has a wider audience (and more respect) than other vehicles.more >>

    —Terry Goodrich, Baylor University

  • “Using Newswise, I was able to reach the target media instantly and gain some nice national media placements as well as placements on key websites and blogs. The story landed 25 placements, something that pleased me and the researchers.more >>

    —Bill Harms, University of Chicago

  • “Your service is one of the most dependable and reliable out there. The bonus is that the content is rich, timely and oh-so useful.more >>

    —Freelance Journalist

  • “The easy access, patient and incredibly helpful customer support we receive from Newswise staff is the real hallmark of Internet-based service in today's fast-paced, communication world. more >>

    —Jeannie Jones Manzer, South Dakota State University

  • “As an independent public relations professional, I rely on the knowledge that when a medical/health writer sees the Newswise name, they know the content they’re receiving will be relevant and timely.more >>

    —Leni Kass, RealTime Communications

  • “We received quite a number of Newswise Wire follow-up calls. Most lead to stories by reporters....A significant portion of response from reporters came from Newswise via the ATS meeting wire. That was a huge outreach.more >>

    —Keely Savoie, American Thoracic Society (ATS)

  • “In total, at least 29 sources either republished the "No Soap" story ...that we posted on Newswise.more >>

    —Holly Hosler, LifeBridge Health

  • “I find Newswise especially helpful in reaching bloggers, who are difficult to find, often too numerous to pitch individually and whose contact information is rarely made public. One recent story about a business professor who studies fantasy football was featured in 10 or 12 blogs about fantasy sports, none of which I even knew existed. Another example was a blogger for who saw...more >>

    —Tom Snee, University of Iowa

  • “I use Newswise now on a weekly basis to develop possible stories for the Harvard Health Blog, which is one of my duties. I find it very useful, and am grateful for the service you provide—and you can quote me on that!more >>

    —Staff Reporter

  • “Love the idea that now I can find the title via google!!! All in one place!! Nice move!more >>

    —Janet Vasquez, Business School of Happiness

  • “As a PR/communications professional it is reassuring to work with an organization like Newswise. You folks are great!more >>

    —Phyllis Edelman, Genetics Society of America

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Name City State Country Number of
Media Type Digest Subscriptions
United States 1 Daily Wire(1)
United States 1 Daily Wire(1)
St. Luise MO United States 1 SciWire(1) MedWire(1)
Correctional News CA United States 1 Daily Wire(1) MedWire(1) BizWire(1)
1105 Media 2 Daily Wire(1)
1320 WILS Lansing MI United States 1 Radio Daily Wire(1)
24/8 United States 1 MedWire(1) SciWire(1)
24x7 Magazine East Providence RI United States 3 Trade Magazine BizWire(1) MedWire(1) SciWire(1)
48Hours Carmel NY United States 1 Online Daily Wire(1)
A A R C Times Dallas TX United States 1 Trade Magazine SciWire(1) MedWire(1)
AAAS Radio - Science Update Washington DC United States 3 Radio Daily Wire(2) SciWire(2) MedWire(1)
AANA NewsBulletin Chicago area IL United States 1 Newsletter Daily Wire(1) MedWire(1)
AAOS Headline News United States 1 Newsletter SciWire(1) MedWire(1)
AAOS Now United States 1 Trade Magazine SciWire(1) MedWire(1)
AAPG Explorer Tulsa OK United States 1 Trade Magazine Daily Wire(1)
AARP (Modern Maturity) Magazine Washington DC United States 8 Magazine Daily Wire(3) MedWire(1)
AARP Bulletin Today United States 2 Newsletter Daily Wire(1)
ABA Journal Chicago IL United States 1 Trade Magazine Daily Wire(1)
Abbeville Herald Abbeville AL United States 2 Newspaper Daily Wire(1)
ABC News New York NY United States 41 TV MedWire(5) SciWire(2) Daily Wire(6) LifeWire(3) BizWire(1)

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