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Los Alamos, NM USA

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Researchers Discover Novel Exciton Interactions in Carbon Nanotubes


Nanotechnology researchers studying small bundles of carbon nanotubes have discovered an optical signature showing excitons bound to a single nanotube are accompanied by excitons tunneling across closely interacting nanotubes.
14-Feb-2018 4:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Novel Computational Biology Model Accurately Describes Dynamics of Gene Expression


Using a simple analytical framework for random events within a predictable system, computational biologists have found a new way to accurately model certain forms of gene expression, including the body's 24-hour internal clock. This new approach of...
31-Jan-2018 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Los Alamos National Laboratory Positively Impacts Region’s Economy in 2017


Los Alamos National Laboratory's efforts to stimulate new business growth, strengthen existing companies, create jobs and contribute to a diverse economy in northern New Mexico's communities saw notable progress across the board in 2017.
12-Jan-2018 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Tweaking Quantum Dots Powers-Up Double-Pane Solar Windows


Using two types of “designer” quantum dots, researchers are creating double-pane solar windows that generate electricity with greater efficiency and create shading and insulation for good measure. It’s all made possible by a new window...
2-Jan-2018 9:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

From Inner to Outer Space, Los Alamos Science Goes Big in 2017


With a top-story list populated by breakthroughs in supercomputing, accelerator science, space missions, materials science, life science, and more, Los Alamos National Laboratory put its Big Science capabilities to wide, productive use in 2017.
22-Dec-2017 9:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

While Earthlings Take a Break, the Mars Rover Keeps Working


There’s no holiday on Mars. While many of us earthlings will spend the final days of 2017 taking a break from work and relaxing on couches or ski slopes, the ChemCam instrument aboard NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover will keep busy—all on its own.
21-Dec-2017 3:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Four Scientists Win the Los Alamos Medal


Los Alamos National Laboratory will award four former researchers with the Los Alamos Medal for their scientific contributions.
13-Dec-2017 10:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Computer Simulations Reveal Roots of Drug Resistance


New supercomputer simulations have revealed the role of transport proteins called efflux pumps in creating drug-resistance in bacteria, research that could lead to improving the drugs’ effectiveness against life-threatening diseases and restoring...
4-Dec-2017 1:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

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