Video Available: Supplement Your Ebola Coverage with These Video Clips of an Infectious Disease Expert

Expert Pitch

Editors: To supplement your coverage of developments regarding Ebola virus disease, Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center offers the following video clips of Dr. Cynthia Whitener, infectious disease physician and epidemiologist.

CLIP 1 – Dr. Whitener describes the symptoms of Ebola virus disease.

CLIP 2 – Dr. Whitener talks about how Ebola can spread from person to person.

CLIP 3 – Dr. Whitener describes when an individual diagnosed with Ebola virus disease is -- and isn't -- contagious.

CLIP 4 – Dr. Whitener discusses the various kinds of medical treatment that is typically required of people with Ebola virus disease.

CLIP 5 – Dr. Whitener outlines the steps hospital staff would take if a patient would present with symptoms and a travel history that could be indicative of Ebola.

CLIP 6 – Dr. Whitener says Ebola should not make Americans panic.

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