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lung, Cancer, Treatment, Lasers

Doctors Treat Late-State Lung Cancer With Lasers

Physicians at the University of Minnesota are using a minimally invasive laser treatment called photodynamic therapy (PDT) to treat late-stage lung cancer.


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Children, Friendship, Relationships, Revenge, Psychology, Conflict, Social, Skills

Revenge Penchant Can Make it Tough To Find a Friend

Making friends is a natural thing for many kids. For others, it's not. And for a small but significant minority, the way they handle even minor conflicts within a friendship is a strong predictor that their friendships will be few, say two University of Illinois researchers.


Indian, Ocean, Climate, NCAR, Sulfates, Aerosols, Pollution, Indoex

Indian Ocean Climate Change Experiment

The National Center for Atmospheric Research has sent researchers, instruments, and a C-130 research aircraft to the $25-million Indian Ocean Experiment to study aerosols and climate change.


Global, Warming, tree, Rings, ice, Cores, Climate

1998 Is Warmest Year of Millennium

Researchers at the University of Massachusetts who study global warming have released a report strongly suggesting that the 1990s were the warmest decade of the millennium, with 1998 the warmest year so far.


Heart, Cardiology, Mouse, FHC, Familial, Hypertrophic, Cardiomyopathy, Ventricle, Heart, Muscle

Heart Disease Symptoms Worsen When Body Adapts

For years doctors have debated whether the progressively destructive course of genetic heart disease is due principally to the altered genes that set it in motion, or to the body's ceaseless efforts to compensate for and cope with the initial damage.


Oxygen, Photosynthesis, Earth, Science, Delaware

Fake photosynthesis?

A test-tube photosynthesis system--described in the March 5 issue of Science--mimics a metal cluster that helps green plants harness sunlight to turn water into oxygen, says a University of Delaware chemist.


Electronics, Transistors, Semiconductor, Diodes, Computers, Physics, Electrical, Engineering

New Theory Provides Better Understanding of Transistors

Since the invention of the transistor 50 years ago, certain characteristics of the p-n junction have been poorly understood and improperly described in textbooks. Now, a new theory of p-n junction performance promises to resolve past misconceptions, says a University of Illinois researcher.


Temple, Disabled, Virtual, Laboratory, Intelligent, Tutoring

Virtual Lab Helps Disabled Students

In a novel extension of the innovative computer-based tutoring technology he developed, a professor of electrical engineering at Temple University is helping students with disabilities to get the most out of their learning experiences.


Ecology, Deserts, Nitrogen, Cyanobacteria, arid, Ecosystems

Deserts Still Damaged 30 Years after Disturbance

Forget the damage done by mountain bikes and all-terrain vehicles -- a University of Arkansas researcher has found that sometimes leaving only footprints can wreak long-term ecological havoc on Western U.S. deserts.


AIDS, Immunity, Fungus, Infection

Mechanism for Fungal Adherence Found

Researchers at Ohio State have discovered that a protein manufactured by the fungus Candida albicans mimics the actions of a specific mammalian protein, perhaps improving the organism's chances to flourish in immune-compromised patients.

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