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Agriculture, Employment, Jobs, Placement, Agribusiness, Economics, Manufacturing, Salaries

It's a Good Time to be a Purdue Agriculture Grad

If 1997 was any indication, Purdue Agriculture's May graduates should fare well in the job market. Placement was strong and salaries up for May 1997 graduates, according to an annual placement survey.


Technology, Human, Resources, Operations, Systems, Budget, Enterprise

Human Resources: The Battle For State-Of-The-Art Information Technology

While most human resource departments are streamlining their operations, HR units often lack adequate budgets and clout to achieve optimum solutions to their information technology needs, according to a report issued today by The Conference Board.


Race, Gender, Minority, Female, Job, PAY, Equal, Management

Perceptions of race, gender matter to jobseekers

Think you might be paid less than your co-workers who do the same job? Looking for a new job on account of it? In situations such as these, says a management expert at the University of Illinois at Chicago, race and sex matter. Studies by Maryann Albrecht found that men of color and women of all races perceive they are paid less than people who do the same work at the same company.


Energy, Finance, Deregulation, Electricity, Commodities, Markets, risk, Management

UT-Austin & Enron Announce Innovative Energy Finance Program

Responding to the rapid changes taking place in the energy industry, including the development of a deregulated, competitive electricity market, the University of Texas-Austin and Enron have teamed up to launch the nation's first Energy Finance program today.


MBA, Beijing, Business, Consortium, China, Peking

Boston College Joins Peking University, 24 Other US Universities In Offering First Recognized US MBA in Beijing

Boston College has joined Peking University in Bejing, China, and 24 other American business schools in creating the Bejing International Management Center, it was announced today by John J. Neuhauser, the dean of Boston College's Carroll School of Management.


OSHA, Workplace, Labor, Law, Bathroom, Workers, Iowa

OSHA agrees with UI professors: Workers have right to use the bathroom

IOWA CITY, Iowa -- Federal regulations that say employers must provide toilet facilities for their workers also mean that workers must be permitted to use the bathroom when they need to at work, according to new guidelines issued this week by regulators to clarify an issue that two University of Iowa professors raised with OSHA and have been closely watching.


Technology, Careers, Education, Management, Construction, Engineering, Salaries, Jobs

Opportunity Knocking Loudly for Technology Grads

Technology education is no longer the domain of trade schools and correspondence courses, according to Ronald J. Burkhardt, director of student services for Purdue University's School of Technology. "A college degree really does make a difference in this field," Burkhardt explains. "And a Purdue degree carries a lot of weight with employers."


Leadership, Management, Jesus, Christ, Business, Leaders

UMass Professor's New Book Explores the Leadership Wisdom of Jesus

Today's business leaders can benefit by following some of the practical lessons taught by Jesus, according to Charles C. Manz, professor of business leadership at the University of Massachusetts and author of the new book "The Leadership Wisdom of Jesus."


Simon, School, Professors, WIN, best, Paper, Award, for, Developing, New, Design, Methodology, for, Complex, Business, Processes

Simon School Professors Win Best Paper Award for Developing a New Design Methodology for Complex Business Processes

For the second time in just over two years, two Simon School professors in computers and information systems have won top honors from their peers and computer industry professionals. Rajiv M. Dewan and Abraham Seidmann have won the 1998 HICSS award for the best research paper in the Collaboration Systems and Technology Track.


EURO, Currency, Dollar, Economy, Capital, Credit, Monetary, Fiscal

The Euro Will Rise in Importance Among Global Currencies

The euro is emerging as a strong and stable currency that will increase its relative parity with the U.S. dollar, according to an analysis released today by The Conference Board.

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