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Green, MBA, Sustainability

New Green MBA Program Prepares Students for Professional Success While Working on Significant Issues

MGSM is launching a new Bright Green MBA program for this Spring. The program will be based at our San Diego Campus. It is a two year course that blends weekend workshops with online learning. It will be taught by Faculty with backgrounds in Sustainability research, Green Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders.



Environment, Sustainability, Energy, Solar, Datacenter, Utilities, Cpuc, Economy, Internet

Greening the Internet Economy


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the University of California, San Diego, one of the nation's greenest universities, are joining for a groundbreaking symposium on January 22-23 to explore how to improve the technology sector's energy efficiency while developing innovations to help other industries reduce their carbon footprints.



Blood Mercury Levels, Fish Consumption, Women

Blood Mercury Levels Associated with Income, Ethnicity and Residency

A new study reveals that women living in coastal areas and in the Northeast U.S. were more likely than other women to have blood mercury (BHg) concentrations exceeding levels of concern, as reported in the January 2009 issue of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP). Women living near coastal areas had 3-4 times greater risk of exceeding acceptable levels of mercury than women living in inland regions.



Plankton, Global, Cooling, Environment, Carbon Dioxide

Decline of Carbon Dioxide-Gobbling Plankton Coincided with Ancient Global Cooling

The evolutionary history of diatoms -- abundant oceanic plankton that remove billions of tons of carbon dioxide from the air each year -- needs to be rewritten, according to a new Cornell study. The findings suggest that after a sudden rise in species numbers, diatoms abruptly declined about 33 million years ago -- trends that coincided with severe global cooling.



Ocean, Marine Reserves

Bush's New Pacific Ocean Protected Areas - Commentary Available

President Bush's newly designated ocean reserves may build more momentum in creating more protected areas in the Pacific Ocean. The marine scientist who led the effort to create the world's largest marine protected area is available for comment.



Nature’S, Leading, Indicators, Presage, Environmental, Disaster

Can Nature's Leading Indicators Presage Environmental Disaster?

Economists use leading indicators "” the drivers of economic performance "“ to take the temperature of the economy and predict the future. Now, in a new study, scientists take a page from the social science handbook and use leading indicators of the environment to presage the potential collapse of ecosystems.



Soils, Education, Earth, Science, Professional, Undergraduate, Field, Study, Calibration

Describing Soils: Calibration Tool for Teaching Soil Rupture Resistance

A new tool has been developed that will help measure the rupture resistance of soils by calibrating the correct amount of pressure between a thumb and forefinger of students and soil scientists when studying soils in the field. The measurement is important for accurately assessing the quality and makeup of soils.



Coral, REEF, Marine, Conservation, Indonesia

Four Years After Tsunami, Coral Reefs Recovering


A team of scientists from the New York-based Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has reported a rapid recovery of coral reefs in areas of Indonesia, following the tsunami that devastated coastal regions throughout the Indian Ocean four years ago today.



Biodiversity, Birds, Coffee, Conservation, Ecology, Environment, Trees, Tropics

Shade Coffee Benefits More than Birds

Here's one more reason to say "shade grown, please" when you order your morning cup of coffee. Shade coffee farms, which grow coffee under a canopy of multiple tree species, not only harbor native birds, bats and other beneficial creatures, but also maintain genetic diversity of native tree species and can act as focal points for tropical forest regeneration.


Law and Public Policy


Earth, Remote Sensing, Satellites, Environmental Hazards, Africa

Earth Observations for Human Security, but Political and Institutional Barriers Remain


Earth and its inhabitants are besieged by environmental hazards and the projected impact from global climate change. To help counter the destructive nature of these hazards, powerful new tools are available, from using satellites to applying new analytical capabilities. A recent gathering of global experts explored how best to use these 21st century capabilities - and understand political and institutional barriers that must be overcome in the future.

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