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FSU professor discusses Brexit and its consequences

Florida State University

By: Bill Wellock | Published: January 24, 2020 | 3:35 pm | SHARE: On Jan. 31, after a national referendum, elections, negotiations and delays, the United Kingdom is scheduled to leave the European Union.The date marks the end of one political process and the beginning of another. When Brexit is official, the United Kingdom and European Union will begin negotiating a new  trading agreement.

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24-Jan-2020 4:20 PM EST

Law and Public Policy

A Rutgers Expert’s Guide to Understanding 2020’s Campaign Polls

Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Four years after the presidential election surprised nearly everyone who followed public opinion polls, it is critical for 2020 voters to have a better understanding of how polling works and what they should look for as the election cycle heats up and the barrage of polls increase.

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16-Jan-2020 7:00 AM EST
Expert Pitch

Social and Behavioral Sciences