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    16-Jan-2020 2:00 PM EST

Mosquitoes Engineered to Repel Dengue Virus

University of California San Diego

An international team of scientists has synthetically engineered mosquitoes that halt the transmission of the dengue virus. The development marks the first engineered approach in mosquitoes that targets the four known types of dengue, improving upon previous designs that addressed single strains.

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13-Jan-2020 2:55 PM EST
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    4-Dec-2019 2:00 PM EST

Air Pollution in Taiwan Boosts Risk of Ischemic Stroke


Long-term exposure to hydrocarbons in the air may be a risk factor for ischemic stroke development, according to a study published December 4, 2019 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Han-Wei Zhang of China Medical University, Taiwan, and colleagues.

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4-Dec-2019 10:15 AM EST
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