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Colon Cancer, Colectomy, Colon Surgery, Chemotherapy, NCCN, NCCN Guidelines in Oncology, MD Anderson Cancer Center, health services research

Quality of Care for Older Texas Patients with Colon Cancer on the Rise, Still Room for Improvement


Research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center finds adherence to surgical treatment guidelines has improved significantly among older Texas patients with colon cancer since 2001, while adherence to chemotherapy guidelines has remained largely unchanged. The study, published today in Cancer, identifies factors influencing adherence rates, including socioeconomic status and access to skilled physicians.



UTHealth School of Nursing, Lorraine Frazier

UTHealth Celebrates Landmark Gift to Provide Unprecedented Resources to Its Nursing School


Jane and Robert Cizik have made a landmark gift of $25 million to the School of Nursing at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), giving the school the resources and capacity to shape the future of nursing education and health care delivery.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), Carmel Dyer, M.D., Melissa Allen D.O., family holidays, Holiday Stress, McGovern Medical School at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), surviving the holidays, holiday expectations

UTHealth Experts Offer Tips on Surviving – and Enjoying – Family During the Holidays


During the holidays, throwing together a dozen (or 50) assorted personalities is already stressful enough. Add to that the desire to make it picture-perfect and Pinterest-worthy and things really get tough. UTHealth Houston experts can tell you how to survive!



Uncontrolled Diabetes, Diabetes, American Diabetes Association, a1c, Hemoglobin, BMI, Population Health, multi-disciplinary, Chronic Disease, chronic disease management, certified diabetes educator, Dietitian

Team Approach Helps Patients Regain Control of Diabetes


Before diabetes takes or disables a life, Harris Health System wants to step in. Through an ambitious program that places patients with uncontrolled diabetes with a team of medical experts and support staff, the aim is to change the course of the disease in dramatic fashion.



Nurse, Nursing Profession, Scholarship, Clinical Practice, Magnet

Harris Health RNs Listed Among Top 20 in Houston by Texas Nurses Association


Two Harris Health System nurses are among the 20 Outstanding Nurses for 2017, an award given by the Texas Nurses Association, District 9. The pair joins honorees nominated by peers and coworkers as exemplary registered nurses from greater Houston.



Healthy Holiday Eating, Holiday Food, Holiday Parties, recipe substitutions, recipe subtitute, Eating, Weight Loss, Dieting, Diet, Holiday, Holidays

Save Yourself the Holiday Food Stress with 8 Simple Healthy Eating Strategies


When an average slice of pumpkin pie and scoop of vanilla ice cream can contain 46 grams of sugar – nearly twice the recommended daily added sugar intake of 25 grams for women and well above the recommendation of 36 grams for men– the holidays can be hazardous for anyone watching their waistlines.



Holiday Advice, Thanksgiving, thanksgiving food safety, Food Poisoning, UTHealth , Turkey, Food, Illness, Foodborne Illness

Avoid Foodborne Illness This Holiday Season with Tips From UTHealth Experts


This holiday season, think twice before you do that late-night nibbling at the buffet table, particularly if it has been sitting out for a while. One bite of crab dip or deviled eggs gone bad, and you may be moving your holiday festivities to the bathroom — or the hospital.



Moon Shots Program, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Lung Cancer, EGFR inhibitor, Beta Blockers, NSCLC Patients

Chronic Stress Hormones May Promote Resistance to EGFR Inhibitors in Lung Cancer Patients


Elevated levels of chronic stress hormones, such as those produced by psychological distress, may promote resistance to drugs commonly used to treat lung cancer patients with EGFR mutations, according to new research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Retrospective analysis of clinical patient data suggests that beta blocker drugs may slow or prevent the development of resistance to EGFR inhibitors.



Multidrug Resistance, Gram Negative Bacteria, Colombia, Antibiotic Resistance

Study Outlines ‘Perfect Storm’ That Led to Colombia’s Antibiotic Resistance Epidemic


The nearly simultaneous emergence of a gene responsible for producing carbapenemases - enzymes that kill the most powerful antibiotics used against life-threatening, multidrug-resistant bacterial infections - coupled with the introduction of a bacterial clone that spread between patients created the “perfect storm” that led to today’s antibiotic resistance epidemic in Colombia.



MD Anderson Cancer Center, Melanoma, liquid biopsy

Circulating Tumor Cells Associated with Relapse in Late-Stage Melanoma Patients


A study revealing a connection between circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and relapse in stage IV melanoma patients points to liquid biopsy as a potential predictor of patients at high risk for disease progression. CTCs, tumor cells shed into the bloodstream or lymphatic system, can lead to additional tumor growth and/or metastasis to distant sites. Findings from the study, led by Anthony Lucci, M.D., professor of Breast Surgical Oncology and Surgical Oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Center, will be presented at the Nov. 7 annual meeting of the Western Surgical Association.

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