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    11-Dec-2019 10:00 AM EST

Social Media Contributes to Increased Perception of Food Technology as Risky Business

Society for Risk Analysis (SRA)

When it comes to food technology, the information shared on social media often trumps the facts put out by the scientific community and food experts, leading to the dissemination of disinformation, “fake news” and conspiracy theories. Nowhere is this more evident than consumers’ mistrust of genetically modified organisms (GMOs), despite assurances from the scientific community and food experts. Several studies covering this widespread risk perception of food technologies will be presented during the Visual Cues and Perceptions of Risk: Modern Agriculture in the Era of Social Media symposium on Wednesday, Dec. 11 from 8:30-10:00 a.m. at the 2019 Society for Risk Analysis (SRA) Annual Meeting at the Crystal Gateway Marriott in Arlington, Virginia

Channels: Agriculture, All Journal News, Business Ethics, Food and Water Safety, Food Science, Social Media, Scientific Meetings,

20-Nov-2019 2:00 PM EST
Newswise: Texas State senior lecturer leads fight against fake news

Texas State senior lecturer leads fight against fake news

Texas State University

To address a centuries-old problem, a Texas State University School of Journalism and Mass Communication faculty member recommends two tools as a remedy: time and effort.

Channels: All Journal News, Internet Trends, Media and Journalism, Social Media, Technology,

10-Dec-2019 2:30 PM EST
Research Results

Social and Behavioral Sciences


Finding Support Outside The Doctor’s Office – The Intersection of Instagram and Miscarriage

Thomas Jefferson University

An interdisciplinary team of researchers explore how women use the platform to talk openly about the emotional distress of a miscarriage and how social media can inform patient care

Channels: All Journal News, Mental Health, OBGYN, Psychology and Psychiatry, Social Media, Women's Health,

9-Dec-2019 1:55 PM EST
Research Results

GAIUS Networks, A Start-Up Co-Founded by NYU, NYU Abu Dhabi Researchers Chosen for Facebook Accelerator Program

New York University

GAIUS Networks, co-founded by researchers at New York University and NYU Abu Dhabi, has been selected for Facebook Accelerator London’s program—a 12-week session that pairs start-ups with the team at Facebook’s London lab.

Channels: All Journal News, In the Workplace, Social Media, Technology,

5-Dec-2019 9:00 AM EST
Research Results
Newswise: ‘Going Negative’: How Trump Has Changed the Twitter Narrative

‘Going Negative’: How Trump Has Changed the Twitter Narrative

University of South Australia

If not for Twitter, US President Donald Trump would not be in the White House today. True/false? That’s for others to judge but it’s probably true, say two Australian linguists who have released a paper analysing Trump’s use of Twitter prior to and six months after his election in 2016.

Channels: Media and Journalism, Social Media, U.S. Elections News, U.S. National Security, U.S. Politics,

3-Dec-2019 9:00 AM EST

Social and Behavioral Sciences


A method with roots in AI uncovers how humans make choices in groups and social media

University of Washington

Using a mathematical framework with roots in artificial intelligence and robotics, UW researchers were able to uncover the process for how a person makes choices in groups. And, they also found they were able to predict a person’s choice more often than more traditional descriptive methods.

Channels: All Journal News, Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Science, Social Media, Staff Picks,

27-Nov-2019 2:00 PM EST
Research Results

Social and Behavioral Sciences

27-Nov-2019 11:05 AM EST
Research Results
Expert Pitch

LGBTQ beauty vloggers draw on queer culture to stand out

Cornell University

New Cornell research explores how a racially diverse group of LGBTQ beauty vloggers navigates seemingly contradictory roles: masculine and feminine; authentic and heavily made up. The vloggers often provide unpaid content to YouTube, but have the potential to enrich themselves; they’re vulnerable to harassment, but they also promote the visibility of marginalized people.

Channels: All Journal News, Behavioral Science, LGBTQ Issues, Race and Ethnicity, Social Media,

20-Nov-2019 3:50 PM EST
Research Results

Social and Behavioral Sciences

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