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Duke University, Duke University Hospital, Duke University School of Medicine, National Cancer Institute, exercise and cancer risk, Exercise and chronic disease, Exercise, physical activity guidelines

Whether Sustained or Sporadic, Exercise Offers Same Reductions in Death Risk

New data shows that all moderate or vigorous exercise can add up to reduce the risk of disease or death, even if you are exercising only in short bursts throughout the day.



Why Aren't Humans ‘Knuckle-Walkers’?


Researchers at Case Western Reserve University have cracked the evolutionary mystery of why chimpanzees and gorillas walk on their knuckles: The short explanation is that these African apes climb trees and they are mobile on the ground.



Physics, Space, Planetary Defense, Nuclear

Scientists Design Conceptual Asteroid Deflector and Evaluate It Against Massive Potential Threat


Scientists have designed a conceptual spacecraft to deflect Earth-bound asteroids and evaluated whether it would be able to nudge a massive asteroid – which has a remote chance to hitting Earth in 2135 – off course.



Geology, Volcano Sciences

Humans Flourished Through Super Volcano 74,000 Years Ago


Humans not only survived a massive volcanic eruption 74,000 years ago, they flourished during the resulting climate change that occurred, a new study by UNLV geoscientist Eugene Smith and colleagues found.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Education, Bullying, School Violence, Counseling, Sexual Orientation, Race, Stigma, Behavior, Human Development

Bullying Based on Stigma Has Especially Damaging Effects


In a new study, two professors are looking at bullying based on stigma – where one is treated unfairly or unjustly due to one's race, sexual orientation, gender, or other characteristic – and examining the methods used to prevent this type of bullying and address it when it happens.



Audit, financial statements

When Fee-Pressured Audit Offices Focus on Non-Audit Services, Financial Statements Suffer, Study Shows


According to new research from the University of Notre Dame, as companies pressure auditors to lower their fees as a way to reduce costs, auditors place greater emphasis on more-profitable non-audit services, such as consulting, which can negatively impact audit quality.



children sleeping, Sleep

Bright Nighttime Light Kills Melatonin Production in Preschoolers

A new CU Boulder study shows that one hour of bright light at night nearly eliminates melatonin production in young children and keeps it suppressed an hour after light's out. Structural differences may make children's immature eyes more vulnerable to body clock disruption from light.



ants, Deep Learning, Cell Biology, Fungal Infection, Ophiocordyceps unliateralis, zombie ants

What Zombie Ants Are Teaching Us About Fungal Infections: Q & A with Entomologists David Hughes and Maridel Fredericksen


I can still remember that giddy feeling I had seven years ago, when I first read about the “zombie ant.” The story was gruesome and fascinating


Law and Public Policy


Gun Control, , NRA, National Rifle Association, Gun Control Laws, High School, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, High School Shootings, Ban on Assault Weapons, assault weapons, Polls, Politics, Survey

FAU Poll Finds Floridians Support Ban on Assault-Style Rifles, Universal Background Checks and Raising Age to Buy Guns


In the wake of a mass shooting that took the lives of 17 students and teachers at a South Florida high school, a vast majority of Floridians support stricter gun laws, including a ban on assault-style rifles, universal background checks and raising the minimum age for gun purchasers, according to a statewide survey by the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative (FAU BEPI).



Lgbt, Sexual Orientation, Brandyn Lau

Records Study Suggests Gender Affirming Surgeries On The Rise Along with Insurance Coverage


In a national medical records analysis, researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine say there is evidence that the number of gender affirming surgeries performed in hospitals for transgender individuals is on the rise, along with increased access made possible by Medicare, Medicaid or private insurance coverage for the procedures.

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